What is Astrology?

Astrology is a divine science.It is known as "ज्योतिष" in Hindi language. It is derived from word  ज्योति(Light) + ईश(God), means Light of God. It is  the science  related to universal objects and there relations with each other. Every living being is also treated as an object in astrology. 

It  has certain  set logics and  formulas by  which an  Astrologer  can predict. The correct Astronomical data is the essence of correctness.

The history of  Astrology is as old as human being. Every country has its  own  history  of astrology.  History  says  that it was in use since 3102 B.C in India.

Every  branch  of science has its own limitations that's why researches are still continued in every field. Nothing is complete except the God. Why it is to be expected that astrology should tell 100% correct. It is also the part of Science based on Astronomical data and certain formulas, it  has also its  limitations.

For example:  We  see daily  so  many  people  of same disease going to  the  hospital, some  of  them  survive but some fail. Now,  What you will say?  Medical  Science  is wrong,  even when the Doctor, Medicine and all environment everything is same.

Some of the Scientists  and  Mathematician  who  devoted there time towards  astrology  and astronomy  are  Arabhatta,  Galelio,  Newton, Pythagoras  and  saint Parashar.