The Natal Chart casted  for specific  question at  that  same time or at the time  of  judgement  is  known  as  Horary. It  is  also known  as  Prashna Kundali  in  Vedic  astrology. You can ask  "Why it is necessary?" Horary is the  most  accurate  part  of  natal  astrology. We  know  that most of the persons  do not  have their  time of birth and  who has they are not sure. One can get the span of time when such event will happen in life with the help of  horoscope if he  has correct time of  birth, but  horary  tells about the  exact  time of  frutification. KP always suggests horary  even one has correct  horoscope. In  old days it was a  very tedious  job to  cast  horary horoscope but now it is a job of seconds.

In Horary  the  astrologer  asks a  number  less  than 250 (0 - 249) to the queriest.  This  number  is  related  to  the  start  point  of  Ascedent  and remaining  Houses are distributed as per  Placidus System and rest of the Horary is same as the normal KP Horoscope. Nakshatra has the facility to have a Horary chart  just in a click. Horary contains the following :

  • Data Input Screen
  • Ruling Planets, Planetary & Cuspal Position, Lagna & Cuspal Chart
  • Cuspal Subs, Planetary Subs, Moon & Navansha Chart
  • Cuspal Aspects & Planetary Aspects
  • Vimshottari Dasha and Antardasha(120 Yrs)
  • Antardasha and Pratyantar Dasha