Western & Vedic Astrology

Vedic Astrology   is  the  mother  of  all  branches  of  astrology.  History proves that India is the land of occult sciences. The job done by our sages on astrology is unbelievable but we don't have complete literature on that. Our  culture  is ruled by foreigners approx 800 years and during this span of slave age we have lost most of our things. Astrology was in the hands of scientists and mathematicians before slave age. Vedic astrology is based on 18 rules (siddhants)  and  each  one  has  its  different set of rules. As we know  it  is  not  possible  to  apply  all  rules.  Vedic astrology is based on Niriyan  values  of  Ephemeris  which  is the most correct and accurate but they do not  follow the aspects of planets and houses degree to degree which not much accurate.  In Vedic  astrology start of the cusp is taken as the  mid  of the House which gives  less accuracy. Some rules of vedic astrology are  as  it  is  as before  but  some  are altered  time to  time by  different astrologers for there self purpose.

Western Astrology    have  taken  most  of  the  things  from  Vedic astrology   and  after  that  doing  there  researches on it. They have taken  the  same sequence of days as in Vedic. They have also taken the aspects  but they have modified  them up to the orb of the planet and degree to degree.  They follow the Placidus System for division of Cusps which is  more  accurate.  There  logical  approach keeps them understandable and explanatory. They  also  fails  in there predictions but  they  work  on that further  up to the  extent of accuracy. They work on Sayan  system which is not  accurate. They  do not consider the  inclination of  Earth on  its axis. They follow  Sun signs but vedic follows Moon signs.